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Though Fia’s is locally famous for their savory pizza, they also offer a wide range of fresh Italian foods such as bread-bowl salads, cavatelli, manicotti, sandwiches, canneloni and authentic Italian-traditional pizza. 

In addition to their pizza and pasta, they have hearty Italian sandwiches, loaded down with irresistable ingredients: there's the meatball sandwich, grinder, capicola sandwiches, and so much more. You can also get their delicious food no matter where you are in the area, since they offer carry-out delivery to the South side of Des Moines.

Phenomenal, Gluten-free Options
Included in Fia's specialty dish offerings are gluten-free pizza, cheese bread, breadsticks and cinnamon sticks.  And what they give up in gluten, they certainly don’t sacrifice in savory taste. These items have become just as big of a hit as Fia’s other scrumptious menu items, if not more so.  

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Our Min. Delivery Amount: $10

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Tel: 515-287-6666

3801 SW 9th STREET 


MONDAY   11:00:AM-1:00PM, 4PM-10:00PM
TUESDAY   11:00:AM-1:00PM, 4PM-10:00PM
WEDNESDAY   11:00:AM-1:00PM, 4PM-10:00PM
THURSDAY   11:00:AM-1:00PM, 4PM-10:00PM
FRIDAY   11:00:AM-1:00PM, 4PM-10:00PM
SATURDAY   11:00:AM-10:00:PM


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